80-Hour Vertical Beeswax Candle

80-Hour Vertical Beeswax Candle with price around $26.99 at houzz.com

Description of 80-Hour Vertical Beeswax Candle:

With hours of dreamy candlelight in your Candle by the Hour, you can set the amount of time it burns, hour by glowing hour. Simply feed the pliable bees wax coil through the candle clip in increments of 3 inches or less. Three inches of candle will for approximately 1hour. Set your nights alight with the Candle By The Hour. Burning time is 80 hours. Features and details: Quirky bees wax candle coil is sculptural like. Candle reaches upwards in a spiral from a metal burning plate with metal calipers griping the candle Unique conversation piece for the living room. Burns as long as you tell it to, then extinguishes itself. Candle size – 5″ Diam x 10.55″H. Made in Vietnam.

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